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3 min readDec 20, 2020


We are a couple who set out on an entrepreneurial journey in the middle of the pandemic. What better time to start a new adventure! The world was doing a reset which pushed us to do the same.

This year we witnessed so many tragedies. The claustrophobia that most of us felt during months of confinement paralleled the feeling of being unable to escape the horrifying reality around us.

But in the middle of the pandemic there were also valiant stories of compassion, bravery and ingenuity. People who refused to give up in the face of difficulties. Instead, they saw an opportunity to turn a new leaf.

Something similar happened to me and my partner. It was March 2020 and we had been frustrated with our corporate jobs for quite some time. Hiding behind our zoom screens those frustrations silently grew more and more painful.

Meanwhile, during confinement like many others we decided to take on a new challenge: sewing. At some point in time the frustration of wanting to leave our jobs brilliantly collided with our growing love for sewing. This was what led to our EUREKA moment!

Initially it was simply meant to make it easier for us to sew some masks and fix are clothes, and eventually make our own clothes (the dream!). But soon we realized we were not the only ones who had this problem. We had countless conversations with our friends, neighbors, coworkers and even fellow sewers on FB groups who all shared our need for something simpler and easier to use.

And so the idea of a minimalist sewing machine specifically designed for beginners started to grow in our heads.

After several weeks of work, we came up with the above concept design for a simplified sewing machine. We shared it among our friends and colleagues and realized there was potential. And thus our startup was born.

While searching for an inspiring name, we came across Miletos, an ancient Greek city considered the birthplace of modern science and philosophy. We knew instantly that this would be our name. More on Miletos and its history in another post!

We are now hard at work at making this machine a reality. Everyday is a new exciting challenge towards that one goal, and everyday brings us closer to our objective. We are currently building the first prototype, and we can’t wait to share it with you guys! Meanwhile we are getting better at sewing and are excited to share with you our experiences and creations.

Here on our blog we will not only share our journey as entrepreneurs, but also as sewing beginners learning and discovering the various joys and frustrations of sewing. Brace yourself to see our creations, both failures and successes! (mostly the failures, at the beginning 😜)

We hope you will get to enjoy our musings on sewing, entrepreneurship and #life.

Cheers, see u soon! 🖖

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Originally published at https://www.miletos.fr on December 20, 2020.




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